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Commercial Building
CSR Bradford manufactures a full range of Rockwool insulation as well as air handling products specially designed for commercial buildings. The range includes: partition batts providing fire rated acoustic and thermal insulation for offices; curtain wall insulation specially engineered to provide thermal and acoustic control, weatherproofing and fire resistance in curtain wall structures; Anticon TM roofing blanket faced with Thermofoil TM for use under roof membranes to provide thermal and acoustic insulation and a vapour barrier.

With rising energy costs, more house holders are investing in effective home insulation. As Australias leading Rockwool insulation manufacturer, CSR Bradford has developed a large range of home insulation products to satisfy this market. As well as a range of blankets, ceiling batts and water repellent batts, the home insulation range includes Thermofoil TM reflective insulation, the Bradford TM Roof Vent and Handitube TM , a flexible pipe insulation and protective tubing. A recent addition is cavity wall insulation, an innovative product easily installed in the walls of existing structures. In 1986 Bradford, in conjunction with builders around Australia, instigated the Energy Conquest Award. The Award is presented to assist new home buyers in identifying efficiently insulated high energy saving homes.

Insulation for air handling systems
A range of Fibertex TM Rockwool products has been developed for the internal and external insulation of air conditioning ductwork. These products reduce heat flow, noise, and condensation.

Acoustic insulation
A wide range of CSR Bradford Rockwool products have been developed for acoustic insulation. Applications include noise control in studios as well as specially designed noise control products for industrial fans, pipework, ducting and plant rooms. Although most acoustic insulation is installed during construction, a range of products including acoustic baffles is available as an economical means of sound control after construction.

Industrial insulation
Csr Bradford manufactures a range of Rockwool products for the insulation of storage tanks, process vessels and piping, as well as automotive, marine and other industrial applications. Unparalleled product development and technical service, backed by Pacific-wide service makes CSR Bradford a leader in the insulation field. Flexible manufacturing processes facilitate the supply of non-standard products at short notice.

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